Finding artifacts under the sea

My passion is collecting and finding artifacts of any kind that were thought to be extinct. Sometimes I will just share a story I read about it as well as I did here.

This affords me to take trips everywhere to search and locate these items. Well recently I was offered a chance to charter a yacht out of Miami and search the south seas for Spanish sunken treasure.

This is something that is really extinct per se. There are plenty of Spanish gold around for people to see or even better have in their possession.

However what we were looking for was a certain year of Spanish gold called Tricentennial Royal which was gold specially minted for Philip V of Spain.

Recently there was some found off the coast of Florida which spiked interest in many gold hunters all over the globe.

I was hired by a wealthy one to begin searching right away and we did it in style on a yacht. We loaded out scuba gear and radar equipment set off in search of more of this rare find.

After 10 days we found nothing substantial and realized that some areas were a lot deeper and would need better equipment if not actual submarines, the small camera operated ones.

We did find though a few old artifacts of substance. An old anchor and some ancient window frames.

Can’t wait to get back and find out what they were and where they came from.

It was a disappointment not to find gold but in the end we had a great time of it. Being out on the ocean on a beautiful yacht isn’t a hard time to have.

I will update you when we get back out there in search of that rare gold.


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