Collecting Gold

There seems to be a craze in each generation. Cash for gold is the latest thing I have seen where the price rises and people need money now. As for being a collectible, well gold sets the standard.

Gold is defined as something rare and treasured. There is a lot of it but not many have it. The price of gold is set by the markets who determine whether it worth by the value of paper currency. There was a time when gold was backing up our currency and since now that is no longer the case, gold becomes something of a interesting commodity.

They say you never know when gold will be this high again so get it now while the getting it good. I agree. As the prices rise and fall we can never know when a price will drop. We can hold out for a higher ceiling but just like the market, you always roll the dice.

What you want to keep in mind is who is the entity giving you the cash. Are they reputable and established? Are they giving you the fair market price or low balling you?

Just like any business it will do you well to do your homework.

Gold is a curious thing. It is shiny. A delicate metal. Looks good on people or any object you desire.

For me I keep a diversified portfolio and gold is definitely involved.

So my advice is to look for a reputable company to work with and take that cash and invest into other rare collectibles that will keep it’s value for years to come.

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